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November 19, 2009

A Wave has a certain inevitability to it.

Filed under: Amusing diversions,Short observations — Shane Greenstein @ 12:46 pm

This fellow, Frank, has a certain quotability about him.

His video proposes a short — and not especially deep — metaphor about waves on an ocean, waves in technology markets, and the proper attitude to take towards them. To quote:

“A Wave has a certain inevitability to it…. Waves don’t give a crap about castles….when they leave… it leaves something…. it looks like something, but we do not really have a word for it yet.”

But the depth of the message matters less than the delivery — a bit of verbal poetry in the cadence. Frank’s three minute message captures attention. His video features many cropped head shots and exaggerated enunciation. Take a look for yourself and listen. It takes a moment to get started, but be patient.

It starts as a commentary about his trip to San Francisco. Then he gets some momentum going. It yields an engaging little video.

Frank is part of a new movement called video blogging. Perhaps someday this movement will catch on, if only most amateur videos were as engaging as Frank’s verbal poetry about waves.

* Thanks to Eric Nordby for this one.*

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