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February 18, 2010

Don’t spam the judge!

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This just in: do not send spam to the judge. And if you disobey that order expect to get thirty days in jail.

Not that you were considering it…but now we have an example to show everyone just how dumb it would be to spam a judge.

You might have missed this one because you are not in the Kevin Trudeau fan club or, perhaps, you simply do not read tabloids or close competitors, such as the Chicago Tribune.  Well, this is worth a little bit of our time. It is just too weird.

And let me reiterate: I am not making this up.

Kevin Trudeau is a truly one of America’s greatest idiots, and on more than one dimension. He sells patent medicines and he spams judges. The former has been true for a while, but the latter just happened last week. What a winning combination. What a strange way to use email.

Facts and remarks

In case you missed the various stories, here they are without prejudice:

Fact 1: Kevin Trudeau sells many goods on late night television. He is an “informational pitchman.”

Remark: Trudeau is the type of character who survives in the vast wasteland of channels on any cable television network with more than 25 options. His commercials always include him talking with some very attractive women who asks soft-ball questions and readily agrees with him. I do not know who takes this guy seriously, but apparently many people do.

Fact 2: Trudeau sells a book about weight loss. The Federal Trade Commission decided to take him to court for deceptive advertising.

Remark: The FTC might have something  here. The news article states that Trudeau claimed to have (quoting the news article) “‘the easiest method known on planet Earth,’ when in fact the book required followers to not eat meat, poultry, starch, fast food or microwaved food, among other rules, and called for hormone injections.”

Fact 3. An administrative judge is handling the FTC complaint. The judge’s name and title is U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman.

Remark: Newspapers always use the full title of judges because it sounds so authoritative and impressive.

Fact 4. Two weeks ago Trudeau said something on one of his TV shows and on his web page to his fans about sending an email to Judge Gettleman. He asked his fans to tell the judge how much they love his products.

Remark: Did Trudeau think for even a second about what would happen if any of his fans actually did what he asked?

Fact 5. According to the news article something like 300 fans sent email to the judge.

Remark: The best detail in this story… let me quote directly from this story: “Gettleman lectured his (Trudeau’s) lawyer about the e-mail onslaught — all the while being interrupted on the bench as new messages continued to hit his inbox. ‘Just got another one,’ said the judge, who earlier had turned his computer screen so attorneys in the case could see the incoming barrage for themselves. ‘Every time you hear that little bell.'”

Fact 6: All this email made the judge very very angry.

Remark: This judge must not get much email in a normal day. All it took was 300 to make him blow his top? Whoa. Everybody from the modern era better stay clear of this guy.  (I do not know about you, but I must get 300 email messages every couple days. And I get more than that on those days when exams are due.)

Fact 7: On February 17th the Judge sentenced Trudeau to 30 days in jail for being in contempt of court.

Remark: The news story had this quote: “Gettleman called the e-mail attack a deliberate attempt to ‘harass, intimidate and influence’ him.”   It must be nice to be able to sentence spammers to jail. Don’t you wish you could?

What a weird wired society we live in.


  1. It’s not the spam per se but the solicitation of direct communication with the judge without the consent of the other side in an attempt to influence his decision other than by the proper hearing of the matter which is the contempt.

    30 days seems a bit rich all the same. Trudeau should probably appeal the sentence. Then again, it is the US of A.

    Comment by marcellous — March 2, 2010 @ 10:31 pm | Reply

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