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February 27, 2010

Who to contact about online scams

Filed under: Considering topical questions,Short observations — Shane Greenstein @ 7:01 pm

What do you do if you are smart enough to smell an online fraud and want to contact authorities?

That question has occurred to me many times.  How about you?

For example, yesterday I got an automated email notice from Amazon for the purchase of a blue ladies jacket. Immediately I left the computer, found my wife, and asked her if she had just ordered it.

She had. But what if she had not? What would we do next other than call the credit card company? How do you shut down a fraudulent site?

That little story motivates today’s post,which is a public public service announcement.

The Consumer Protection division of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants your help!

They have a new video, appropriate titled “How to file a complaint.” It includes examples of things someone might complain about.  You can also try here or (in spanish) here or even the same video on youtube (Isn’t wonderful to see our government move into the modern age?).

People can help stop scams, rip-offs and fraudsters by sharing their experience with the FTC.

Got any other tips for what to do? Leave comments here…

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