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April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday YouTube!

Filed under: Amusing diversions,Short observations — Shane Greenstein @ 8:09 pm

According to Steve Johnson (in this article), the first video was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005. That makes YouTube five years old. Happy Birthday YouTube!

If you have never seen the first video, here it is. There is not much to it. Just some elephants. And this quote: “That is pretty much all there is to say.” Not “Watson, come here I need you.” Or “What hath God wrought?” Not even “Lo”, which is the first email message. (I am not kidding about the first email message. If you are curious, read here.…) You would have thought a couple serial entrepreneurs would be more self-conscious about downloading something significant for their first video…

I recommend the article, which includes lots of fun trivia about YouTube. (Did you know that when you search for “trampoline accidents YouTube claims there are 3820 videos.) Read it and find out more.

Here is another set of fun facts. According to, YouTube is the site with the fourth most traffic in the United States. And how about this piece of trivia: 686,159 sites links to YouTube.

Ah, these web sites grow up so fast. It is hard to believe that it ever was in diapers. I can still remember its teething troubles….*sigh*

I propose a toast. To many more birthdays!

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