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October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs: In memoriam

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There are no second acts in life, but there are many second acts in American business. It is, perhaps, one of the greatest strengths of American entrepreneurial business.

There is no greater recent example than the career of Steve Jobs. Fired from Apple, entrepreneurial failure at Next, long time in the wilderness at Pixar (before wild success), and final redemption back at Apple. What a second act.

There will be a time for longer reflection on Jobs, when the first initial wave of grief has passed. For now, here are two things to remember Jobs by.

First, go read this wonderful post about Job by my good buddy, Tim Bresnahan. I am not writing anything more for now because TBres already got the essence of everything that should be said at this moment.

Next, try remember the audacious guy, the person full of life and verve. There are many ways to do it, but my personal favorite is the 1984 commercial announcing the Macintosh, still one of the most wonderful commercials ever. I can still remember watching the Superbowl with my father when it came on. It was just the two of us, sitting in the family room. We both were transfixed, and we both looked at each other with quizzical expressions, and we both said “Wow.” This was back in the day when you could not go to YouTube and see a rerun right away, but the next day — heck, for the next week and more — my friends and I were talking about it more than the football game.

Go amuse yourself and watch it again.

Only 56. It is just too young. I feel for the family.

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