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October 8, 2011

Neutrino jokes

Filed under: Amusing diversions — Shane Greenstein @ 9:58 pm

On the lighter side for today: a few jokes about neutrinos and time traveling. Feel free to contribute more, if you know any.

* We don’t allow faster than light neutrinos in here, said the bartender. A neutrino walks into a bar.

* Neutrino. Who’s there? Knock knock.

* A. To prove particles can travel faster than light Q. Why did the neutrino cross the road?

* Seen outside the CERN Lab: A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.

* Want to hear a joke about neutrinos? It’d probably go straight through you.


  1. Ok maybe not quite a joke but hilarious nevertheless. Sums up the importance of “Platforms” –

    Hal must be kicking himself 🙂

    Comment by R — October 14, 2011 @ 12:55 am | Reply

  2. It wouldnt be the first time Einstein has been wrong. He never accepted the uncertainty principal, and ended up marginalizing himself as a result. However even in that opposition, he provided a valuable service to science. In his attempt to disprove uncertainty (God does not play dice with the Universe — Einstein), he developed a large number of challenges which those supporting uncertainty (among them including Heisenberg, Pauli, and Bohr — who said, “Einstein should stop telling God what to do”) had to refute. They did find answers for all of Einstein’s challenges, further supporting the undertainty principle. But even if the neutrino expierment proces to be correct, which in my opinion is a long way off, it is as unfair to say that Enstein was wrong about Special Relativity as it is to say that Newton was wrong about classical physics. Both were right within the framework of assumptions made. It is known that at times different addumptions have to be added to a theory in order to gain a comprehensive understanding. And this is a legitimate limitation and is often seen in science. The systems that were used to take Saturn V to the moon used assumptions that the Earth was not only flat but also the center of the universe. Assumptions we know to be incorrect. Why? because it allowed for the most accurate navigational calculations under the circumstances. Therefore the utility of a theory or principle and its contribution is not only measured by its absolute validity

    Comment by Truman Goldis — October 26, 2011 @ 5:13 pm | Reply

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